Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: the Eco “beast”

Toyota has the foresight to anticipate developments. Another sample of the… ability is the decision to launch this period of the hybrid version of the most popular SUV.
Now that the first news around the world is low oil prices and the consequences on the global economy, the largest automaker in the world, reassures us that it is reduced even further our dependence on fossil fuels.
The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, which I drove in Alicante, requires a small amount of gasoline and respects the environment as much as a few cars.
Let me start, however, my big complaint. The presentation of the japanese car with the teutonic construction happened at a place I envied.
In the area Μπαρτσελό, just 40 km. from the well-known tourist city, the Spaniards created a huge public garden area of hundreds of acres.
There, in addition to hotel facilities, there are luxury residences and recreation areas of the citizens. A similar installation we could have and we but…
The first hybrid version in the twenty year history of the car that created the category of medium-sized SUV has exactly what you ask for.
My attention was focused on the hybrid system power of 197 horsepower. Consists of a gasoline engine of 2,500 cc. cycle Atkinson, a powerful electric motor, a generator, a battery, hydride-nickel metal 204 cells, mounted under the rear seats, a control unit power and device power allocation.
In τετρακίνητη edition AWD is equipped with a rear electric motor high voltage 50 kW, which offers a great choice of all-wheel drive, without the addition of a central transmission shaft. It works independently from the front electric motor and drives only the rear wheels, increasing the skills of movement on slippery roads (mud, snow etc.) and launches from a stop.
I admired the value of the hybrid system on Spanish roads with good quality asphalt. As soon as you hit the throttle, the power delivery is immediate.
The indicator of the speedometer climbs at an impressive rate and the default acceleration of 8.7 is far from a reality. The final comfortably reaches 180 km./time.
Despite the increase in the weight (2.205 pounds), the road behavior is good and safe. The turns are limited slopes. In καμαράκια the reactions are unsatisfactory.
Ensures comfortable and quiet trip. The only dissonance comes from the reaction of the automatic transmission CVT to sudden accelerations.
Although it has improved, still produces instant of the feature noise. To emphasise the very good ride quality, reminiscent of more expensive Lexus. In the test consumed a total of 6.7 liters/100 km, a reasonable price for such a heavy car (factory measurement of 4.9 liters/100 km).
CO2 emissions of only 115 g./km. The price list starts from the 33.770 euro (2WD), AWD from 35.770 euros. It will soon be in the reports of Toyota Hellas.