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Too much kindness will kill you!

According to a study at the University of Kent, the acting selflessly, or with excessive kindness and understanding can be.. created, not to solve problems, especially in the professional field. This study agrees with earlier research of Harvard shows that it is infinitely more effective –especially when running a group– you’re hot as a man, but not very tolerant and good-humoured, for the following reasons:

1. With a very good it stays stationary in the creation of serious human relations
When someone is kind, what we call “soul”, all the time, in all circumstances, and refuses to “set foot” and show who he really is, fatal is experiencing a highly annoying loneliness. With this kind of behavior hard to make real friends and partners, not only because you’re being dull -in accordance with the study of everything – but because the human species has a tendency to not trust those who have only one person: the angelic.
2. Being always gentle, and nothing else, fatal “θυματοποιείσαι”
If you do everything, to keep everyone happy, just stop. On the basis of the research, this kind of behavior “feeding” a monster that puts you permanently in the position of a victim and doesn’t leave you to grow up emotionally. Sometimes you have to say “no”. And out loud if need be. And let it be a fight, so to speak. To manage an intense conversation, it is certainly more difficult than to give in to demands that the underestimate, but that’s how it is built and the personality and relationships: when other people know our limits and don’t consider us to be sure victims.
3. The excessive kindness to us alienate from ourselves
By doing continually roll over the other, in the end, we forget who we are, insists the study. The overexertion may not κακοκαρδίσουμε anyone, at the end of the day leaves a very bitter taste to us.

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