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Todays HOT issues Wed 8 Jun

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Hot news about: mash

Ottawa festival lineups a mash of music genres – CBC Olympics The organizer behind Bluesfest, and this year’s Ottawa Folk Festival, defends the eclectic musical lineups of the events, saying today’s festivals are less abou… [read more]

Hot news about: lenny dykstra

Ex-Phillie Dykstra jailed over new criminal charges – Courier-Post SAN FERNANDO, CALIF. — Former Phillies star Lenny Dykstra was jailed Monday on grand theft auto and drug possession charges after being accused of using phony inform… [read more]

Hot news about: holly bobo

Williamson County Joins Search for Missing Student – Columbia Daily Herald On Saturday, April 30, 36 Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Deputies, including Sheriff Jeff Long, traveled to Parsons, Tennessee to join the search for the… [read more]

Hot news about: os x lion

OS X 10.7 Lion Galaxy Wallpaper Leaked – Softpedia The last unveiling of a more polished OS X Lion featured plenty of aesthetic changes, including an all new wallpaper that has been leaked and made available for free download to anyon… [read more]

Hot news about: human centipede

Human Centipede II Refused U.K. Classification – Escapist Magazine Remember The Human Centipede ? Well, its sequel isn’t going to come to theaters in the U.K. The first film was, according to those who saw it, a staggeringly gro… [read more]

Hot news about: ign

Kevin Smith developing reality show for AMC – Digital Spy The Clerks director will produce the series, which will be set inside his New Jersey comic-book store, according to IGN . A casting call for the forthcoming show has been relea… [read more]

Hot news about: chipmunk

Is British TV ready for ‘The Only Way Is Urban’? – The Voice The show, if it gets produced, would focus on Britain’s growing urban music scene and focus on unseen talent who hope to recreate the success of MCs like C… [read more]

Hot news about: ann taylor

Benton Grade School K-4 releases 4th-quarter honor roll – Benton Evening News Taylor Madison Moore, Addyson Jane Morgan, Preston Dale Morris, Michaela Marie Moulton, Reagan Lee Mumbower, Aleah Marie Musselman, Ty Newell, Ira Aiden Pea… [read more]

Hot news about: bonnaroo

Heavy Bonnaroo traffic invades Bedford County through weekend – Shelbyville Times-Gazette Just because Bonnaroo is on the other side of a neighboring county, don’t think it won’t affect you. According to a suggested route … [read more]

Hot news about: toms

TOMS Introduces TOMS Eyewear, The Next One for One Product – Yahoo Finance SANTA MONICA, Calif. , June 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Marking its evolution from a shoe company to a One for Oneâ„¢ company, TOMS has launched a highly anti… [read more]

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