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    Hot news about: jimmy kimmel

    Katie Couric Spoofs Kate Gosselin, New Talk Show on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (Video) – Hollywood Reporter Katie Couric opened up on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday about her new syndicated daytime talk show. “For my first year,… [read more]

    Hot news about: cincinnati reds

    Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati Reds Live Stream Online MLB Regul – Salon Welcome To Watch on demand NBC TV live online match of fun for watching today’s-Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati Reds or MLB live big and exciting Event Now. Watch C… [read more]

    Hot news about: ann coulter

    Ann Coulter blasts Anthony Weiner sext scandal, Democratic ‘liberal mob’ – New York Daily News Do you think Coulter is right to defend Andrew Breitbart? Yes, it’s a classic tale of “Don’t shoot the messen… [read more]

    Hot news about: goya

    80,000 marchers taking on Fifth Ave. on Sunday – New York Daily News “And New York has always been like the second home of El Gran Combo.” El Gran Combo The parade named as grand marshals Robert Unanue, president of Goya F… [read more]

    Hot news about: cta

    CTA workers stage nationwide protests, cause traffic chaos – Buenos Aires Herald Members of Pablo Micheli’s Argentine Workers Union (CTA) were staging a national strike today, cutting off road access to the Capital, well as staging … [read more]

    Hot news about: ipv6 day

    Happy IPv6 Day! Don’t panic, the Web is not ending – Washington Post Way back in the early days of computer connectivity, circa early ’80s, IP version 4 rolled out, and the good computer scientists of the time prepared for enough … [read more]

    Hot news about: gabrielle union

    Gabrielle Union defends Rihanna’s "Man Down" – CBS News (CBS) Rihanna’s music video for “Man Down,” in which she plays a rape victim who shoots and kills her attacker, sparked controversy when it premie… [read more]

    Hot news about: ccp

    CCP Launches EVE Online: Incarna Features Site – Zam News Eve Online: Incarna launches on June 21 and CCP has released a new site to keep players updated on all of the features coming in the expansion, including the Captain’s Qu… [read more]

    Hot news about: quark Generates Quick Response Codes for Small Business Marketing – Consumer Electronics Net is owned and operated by Denver-based Quark Inc. Quark and the Quark logo are trademarks or registered trademarks… [read more]

    Hot news about: michele bachmann

    Stars collide: Michele Bachmann vs. Sarah Palin – Rep. Michele Bachmann’s prospective 2012 campaign appears increasingly set on a collision course with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. The coming confrontation is bei… [read more]

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