Todays HOT issues Fri 26 Aug

    Hot news about: world war 2

    A last reunion for World War II infantry group – About 16.1 million Americans served during World War II. About 2 million survive. The Department of Veterans Affairs says that on average 790 World War II veterans die e… [read more]

    Hot news about: local weather

    Weather Prepares Affils, Advertisers for Irene – Broadcasting Cable Subscribers can sign up for free server weather alerts, hourly updates and evacuation routes via email or text messages that are customized for local areas. Weather C… [read more]

    Hot news about: louis xiv

    An open letter from my old mate David Cameron to the people of Britain – Daily Telegraph Blogs It’s called the EU – and the fact that it has a caring, sharing, equality-loving, nurturing, “communitarian” face does not make it … [read more]

    Hot news about: nws

    Forecast: Today could be hottest day of the year – Long Beach Press-Telegram “Some stations may have been hotter earlier in the year but overall, (today) will be the hottest it’s been this year,” said meteorologist R… [read more]

    Hot news about: nassau bahamas

    Irene batters parts of Bahamas; Nassau spared – CBS News NASSAU, Bahamas – A large and powerful Hurricane Irene roared across the Bahamas archipelago on Wednesday, largely sparing the crowded capital but destroying property in l… [read more]

    Hot news about: berkshire hathaway

    Bank of America Got Fleeced: Doug Kass – Wall Street Journal Along comes Doug Kass, never shy with the emails, who writes that it flat-out got fleeced (while admitting he’s long Bank of America stock): By my calculation, Berkshire H… [read more]

    Hot news about: rembrandt

    Too Hot to Handle: 350-Year-Old Stolen Rembrandt Found at California Church – Art Daily MARINA DEL REY (AP).-A stolen Rembrandt sketch was too hot to handle for thieves, and even the detective who held the 17th century artwork in whit… [read more]

    Hot news about: alphabet

    Romney’s alphabet soup attacks – MSNBC Firstread EXETER, NH — The Romney campaign debuted two new attacks against President Obama this morning, with a side of alphabet soup. In a release this morning, Former Massachusetts … [read more]

    Hot news about: accuweather

    Irene: New York City, Mid-Atlantic Put on High Alert – Irene could be “once-in-50-year” hurricane for the Northeast. The Hurricane Center is confident that Irene will strike the Outer Banks … [read more]

    Hot news about: outer banks

    To stay or go? Officials ponder Irene evacuations – Austin American-Statesman MIAMI — In North Carolina’s Outer Banks, where about 300,000 visitors come every week in the summer, tourism is the lifeblood of the towns that dot … [read more]

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