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Todays HOT issues Fri 15 Apr

Hot news about: boston marathon

A brief history of the Boston Marathon – YAHOO! to start contributing your own sports content. The Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest annual marathon. It is held by the Boston Athletic Association. The first Boston Marathon w… [read more]

Hot news about: david arquette

Courtney Cox Slams David Arquette’s Plea for Sex in Disney World (Watch)! – Twirlit Courtney Cox and David Arquette may be getting along much better since they separated late last year but not well enough that Courtney’s willing t… [read more]

Hot news about: diane lane

Diane Lane – Diane Lane Hints At ‘Superman’ Plot – Diane Lane has revealed that the plot of ‘Superman: Man of Steel’ will cover the superhero’s life ”from infancy on”. D… [read more]

Hot news about: cde

COLUMN: University should be about education, not just money – Volante In my time as a grad student, I have worked closely with the people at the Division of Continuing and Distance Education (CDE), the office that manages online lear… [read more]

Hot news about: passover

New cooking ideas for Passover: Use nuts instead of matzo in Seder dishes – Chicago Tribune I’ve always loved Passover, ever since I was a little girl. Long before I understood it as the Festival of Freedom that celebrates the a… [read more]

Hot news about: popeye

Manny on Being No More – Associated Content Like a can of spinach in the hands of Popeye, players like Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire smashed baseball records with the ease of Clark Kent bending steel. Talent has little to do with the a… [read more]

Hot news about: bipolar symptoms

Catharine Zeta-Jones Treated For Bipolar Disorder In Clinic – Medical News Today However, symptoms are not severe enough to cause considerable distress or disabling enough to impair one’s work, social life or family life like ma… [read more]

Hot news about: michael douglas

Michael Douglas Speaks Out! Actor Michael Douglas Insists He’s Not Bothered About Greedy Ex-Wife – MICHAEL Douglas is unconcerned that his ex-former wife has re-opened her lawsuit against him. Although a New York judg… [read more]

Hot news about: pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer vaccine on trial – BBC Doctors say that more than a 1000 patients at 53 hospitals around the UK are taking part in a vaccine trial against pancreatic cancer. The Royal Liverpool University Hospital is coordinating a … [read more]

Hot news about: priest

Suit claims ‘Indy-racing’ priest abused boy in 1980s – Chicago Breaking News – Tribune A lawsuit filed today in federal court in Chicago accuses a well-known priest in the Indy car racing community of sexually abusin… [read more]

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