To be postponed the second Super League playoff due to national Greece

Her playoffs will stop for a few days in order to work calmly to achieve her great goal, which is none other than qualifying for Euro 2024. On Wednesday (6/3) Superleague will meet for the EPO’s request, for a postponement of the 2nd playoffs, so Gustavo Poget has the international players of the Greek teams earlier, ahead of the “final” with Kazakhstan for the Nations League barrages. The blue-white gives its most important game in the last year, claiming the qualification in Euro 2024 and the federal technician wants the National Greek football players available early in order to work with them for the best result. The request for a postponement will be considered by the Super League, with the teams being invited to decide whether to become the second playoff match. As it all shows, the game will be postponed. Thus, in the weekend of March 16-17 there will probably be no action in the playoffs, contrary logically to the playouts that will normally be played.