TIPED: The competition begins for property at Agia Triada beach in Thessaloniki

The opening of the competition for the exploitation of the “Captain and Camping Holy Trinity” announces the TAIPED. The property has a total area of 161.456.84 sq.m. and is located in the Municipality of Thermaikos of Regional Unity, Region of Central Macedonia. Special Spatial Development Plan (ESHADA) has already been prepared for the property in Thessaloniki, in which the general spatial destination of the property is defined as the “mixed use” and is specified by zones in the development of uses “Department – Tourist Village” and “Tourism – Recreation”. In the area of the “Parretist-Tourist Village”, provision is made for an area of 4 acres in the Municipality of Thermaikos for the construction of a school unit and, among other things, the creation of holiday homes, hotels, catering & recreation facilities, sports facilities, rejuvenation centres (spa) and commercial shops. The investor is obliged to pay 50% to the Municipality, as shared and beneficial sites, which he will have completed their construction. These sites, combined with the forest areas within zone, could function as an important peri-urban park for the area. In the area of “Tourism – Recreation” there is, among other things, the creation of tourist accommodation, residential, commercial shops, social welfare, sports and cultural facilities, care, catering, entertainment and leisure centers and parking. The establishment of the ESHADA ensures a free zone of construction along the beach from the Aegean line, 30 meters, while it is obvious that the beach zone is out of trade. The property due to its proximity to Thessaloniki, Halkidiki and important cultural attractions, such as the archaeological site of Vergina, attracts visitors from all over Greece and Southeast Europe. In addition, it has easy road access from the Thessaloniki – New Machine axis and is only 14 km from Macedonia Airport. The tender procedure will take place in a phase with a deadline for the submission of tenders on 13 June 2024.