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Thriller with the tax – Insist on the lenders for a “hike” in low-income

In the thriller progresses, the negotiation between Athens and lenders in connection with the tax…
The disputed object is the limit of the tax free and this time is in progress, a meeting on the 6th floor of the ministry of finance between the technical teams of both sides, attempting to find a compromise solution.
The lenders insist on taxing those on low incomes, while the Greek side is seeking to “push” the charges towards the middle incomes.
The Greek side tabled a counter-proposal, which provides for the 22,5% of the first coefficient. This practically means that the tax-exempt “clipped” by about 200 euros. So in today’s tax-exempt 9.559 euro the debt will be called upon to pay a tax to 49 euro instead of zero. The proposal of creditors is to “come down” the tax-exempt 7.000 euro which means that the tax will amount to 501 euros.

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