Thodoris Atherides: Through my social media they wished for cancer

The actor and screenwriter spoke about the performances he plays, but also about matters of his personal life. The guest of Danais Barka was Theodore Atherides, who starred in the performance “OK Boomer” in “Little Palace” and “Comedy Courses”. “I am very well. The reason I’ve been playing six days instead of five, I prefer it because you’re changing… performances! I also play in “Comedy Classes” for the 3rd year except “OK Boomer”. I prefer comedy because it’s on display whether or not it worked. In drama, you don’t know, you expect them to tell you in the end. I didn’t think, when I wrote it, that I would play in the show “OK Boomer”, he said. Does he care what people say? “Since 2015 when something changed inside me, my spiritual proved to me that what I do is important. He told me my job was more important than his, and I disagreed. I haven’t always had spiritual. He told me that the world comes to me with an open heart and mind and watch what “I feed them”. It made me believe that what I do is important and that I have responsibility towards the world,” he admitted. And fill out: “As you grow older you start throwing things away. You keep the essence of things. But I don’t throw people away. If someone doesn’t like me, I won’t go after it. I was freed from wanting to be loved by everyone who is. Everyone has the right not to like you or not. I’ve taken so much love from the world that they don’t love me, that’s enough. I’m not afraid of social media. I was afraid there was a political division that wished for cancer. Then I realized it wasn’t my fault when others expressed their hatred. Social media rely on division. It is my character that I still keep my childhood.”

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