This touching story will kneel… [photos]

According to the Daily Mail, the Prestyn has never met the baby for which he prays…
According to his aunt, Lauren Sharpe, the Prestyn moved by the story of the two months Knox Stine who is struggling to hold on to life in Las Vegas hospital.

The 4χρονος she learned through Facebook about Knox, which his father had found without the unconscious inside their home on 30 November.
“We went to the mall, Santa Claus asked him what he wanted for Christmas”, described by Sharpe in ABC News. “He asked for a ride and to pray for a miracle for little Knox”.

Very touched said, and the mother of Knox, Mindi Stine. “It was so beautiful,” he said, “so sweet. He spoke directly to my heart. While experiencing unspeakable pain, he brought me joy”.

After the unlucky Knox was found bruised and unconscious by his father inside their home in Arizona last month, moved to Las Vegas for treatment.
Knox was declared brain-dead, however a second examination showed that he had blood flow to his brain. Now the kid is waiting to undergo a tracheotomy to help them breathe.
His family continues to hope and has opened an account with GoFundMe to be able to cover the current medical expenses.