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This is the vegetable that enhances the fertility of men!

This λάχανικό has the greatest impact in the so-called “mobility”, the term used to describe the ability of the sperm to be directed towards…
the egg.
Investigating the effect of fruit and vegetables on the health of the sperm, the researchers discovered that carrots produce the best result!
Researchers doing a study on men put to follow a diet that contains a variety of fruits and vegetables in order to see what effect it will have on the sperm and the conclusion was that the yellow and orange vegetables are getting stronger. This increase is attributed to pigments called carotenoids because the body converts some of these in antioxidants to enhance health.
But apart from the carrot, the sweet potato and melon can also enhance the quantity and quality of sperm. The conclusion is that eating habits can have a positive impact on the quality of the sperm.

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