This is the proposal for lift bike Gounaris and University of Patras

Giannis Georgopoulos
A method which could classify the city of Patras in leading european cities for cycling is recommended by …
Association of Graduate Technologists Engineers but the question is if there is no one to see and hear in the capital of Achaia.
The proposal is feasible with a how, which is minuscule compared with the funds that have been spent for studies as to the traffic and references to bike lanes and that after χρυσοπληρώθηκαν gathering dust in drawers of the competent service agents as well as many of the elected.
It is the creation of the first elevator, bicycle tramble, which could be one of the attractions – something similar already exists in Norway – and has several points in common with the cable car for skiers.
The use of a particular auxiliary system movement presents simplicity, especially considering that the riders of the bike you don’t need to be downloaded even from the bike, mount their leg and it’s just a ramp, which uploads them automatically to the uphill.

The installation of this lift system is ideal for Gounari str, Agios Nikolaos – 25 March ( throughout the length), but even on roads such as those leading to the Grove .
The installation of the system – which costs very little in terms of its positioning – it is estimated that he would have found great resonance in the new age and so it is proposed to operate along the Patras – Klaus and the University in order to be used by students of the UNIVERSITIES and the higher technological educational INSTITUTE of Patras
The lever for lifting the rider in the corridor of ascent

The estimate is that with the installation of the system in Patras due to the large student and the student’s potential use of bike will shoot up even in the 20 to 22% due to its conversion to usable ποδηλατούπολη.