This is the new list with over 500,000 of deposits of Greeks abroad…

The secret journey of the SG government…
in Paris – According to the up to the minute information includes 500.000 transactions in swiss banks
Secret meeting in Paris was the secretary-general of the government Michalis Kalogirou with the Herve Φαλτσιανί, last Thursday 17 December. That day, the Greek delegation, headed by Alexis Tsipras was in Brussels for the Summit, however, the journey of mr Kalogirou from Brussels to the French capital was not seen by anyone. In accordance with information in the meeting, the Kalogirou with the Φαλτσιανί, the last of the delivered memory stick with new items, but the list Lagarde.
Herve Φαλτσιανί he’s the one that intercepted data depositors of HSBC, managing to breach the secrecy of swiss banks. The last time the Greek side, after effects of Nikos Pappas, had come in contact with the Φαλτσιανί, in order to start a close cooperation.
In accordance with information in the material handed to the Kalogirou the Φαλτσιανί is particularly important as it includes 500.000 transactions in swiss banks.
After Paris, the secretary-general of the government returned to Brussels, as informed the prime minister Alexis Tsipras and his minister of State Nikos Pappas. Immediately, the belgian capital, the prime minister asks you to update court officials in Greece, something that immediately made the Kalogirou returning to Athens. In addition to updated and the deputy minister of Justice Dimitri Παπαγγελόπουλος. Besides, that’s why the word was passed yesterday by way of amendment, the legalization of these materials.