This is the last photo shoot of Marilyn Monroe, who, until recently, no one had seen

    The last photoshoot of the most legendary sex symbol of Hollywood came just a short while ago published. We’re talking of course, about Marilyn Monroe, which, just three…
    weeks before he was found dead inside the home, he made a subversive photography.

    The specific photos out of at auction by the firm of Bloomsbury Auctions in London. The shots were made on July 13, 1962, when Marilyn and the personal friend and photographer George Baris, worked together for their last photo shoot, which took place on the occasion of a book he was working on for her life, which will τιτλοφορούσε “Marilyn: her life in her own words”.

    When she was found dead inside her apartment, the photographer and a close friend, according to the Daily Mail, I bore the loss of and concealed from all the photos and any plans he had for the book.

    Today, έχουη been 25 years since then, and the Baris, together with the collector of pictures Edward Western,published in the last pictures she ever made the legendary star.

    The auction of the last photo of the star, will be made by the house of Bloomsbury Auctions on June 4 in London, where he is expected to be sold 1000 pounds one.