This is the girl who has three biological parents…

The Alana Saarinen is a normal and healthy 13-year-old girl from the USA…he Loves golf, has friends, plays the piano, listens to music and generally doing what they do and the other kids her age. And yet, there is something that distinguishes it, not only from the rest of the children, but also from other people, in general…
The Alana is a girl different from the other, because he has three biological parents! The girl’s mother had a fertility problem and after 10 years of efforts to make a child, took refuge in the εμβρυολόγο Jacqes Cohen, in New Jersey, who applied a method of fertility called “cytoplasmic transfer”.
With this method used mitochondria of a third woman – donor, to replace the mitochondria of the mother, when they are “suspicious” for genetic diseases. It is noted, that the mitochondria, which are considered to be factories of cells because they attach to energy in the cells, containing but a small amount of DNA.
The clinic where she worked the embryologist Jacqes Cohen, was closed by order of the U.s. Food and Drug administration (FDA), due to miscarriages, and abnormalities that appeared in some of the children born with this method, such as autism. Overall from the clinic that were born 17 children, while other medical institutes that have applied the same method, it is estimated that there are in the world right now 30 to 50 people, who have three biological parents.
Britain is now considering the appropriate legislative framework to adopt the method of “κυτταροπλασματικής transfer”, but not for cases of infertility, but when the mitochondria of the expectant mother carrying genetically serious contagious disease.
The 13-year-old Alana, however, indicates that it only has two parents and he says she looks like her mother, has her father’s eyes and a few mitochondria of a “third lady”. The girl’s mother reports that her daughter is perfectly healthy, doing what kids do at that age and when he has time, helps with the housework.