THIS is the 25-year-old Albanian ΑΠΟΚΕΦΑΛΙΣΑΝ – For the FIRST TIME the picture in publicity

In full swing are the investigations of the assassination and beheading of 25-year-old…
Μπλένταρ Τερπολάρ (you can see in the pictures – the first current and the second three years ago), the ELASTOMER is in a good way if and the updates that make it economical.
In accordance with information of the, seriously considered the possibility that there is involvement of Greek in the heinous act as well as a second Greek in illegal acts leading up to the murder of other associated with this.
The police are baffled by the fact that the murder was committed with a shotgun and no firearms which usually uses the Albanian mafia if and the Albanian “blood feud”, or the conflict of criminal, probably a drug deal, continue to be for the ELAS the more likely causes of the incident, without, however, has ruled out any other personal vengeful motive
The Μπλένταρ Τερπολάρ, in accordance with information of the EL.NES. the Albanian police was a prisoner in the jails of the neighbouring country for a drug case, and after the release of back in Greece.
The lifting of the telecommunications secrecy, did not give any evidence that can be used by the police authorities.
The mother of 25-year-old, speaking in the MEDIA of Albania, said that he grew up with a lot of financial difficulties, while he noted that the Μπλένταρ was gone from home at 18. Also makes appeal to the Greek and Albanian authorities, to carry the body of 25-year-old in Albania to bury. Finally it asks for the immediate solving of the murder.

ΣΟΚΑΡΙΣΤΙΚΕΣ ICONS from the spot where it was found ΑΠΟΚΕΦΑΛΙΣΜΕΝΟΣ the 26-year-old Albanian

Shocking photos and video from the point that found the 26-year-old Albanian in Glyki Thesprotias…
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