They’re boiling in Syriza with Georgetta. Lali – insists on blocking the entrance of Kasselakis to Parliament

The moment he attempts to highlight as dominant issues the findings of the Tempes and accuracy, in Koumoundouru the issue of the candidate with Syriza Georgetas remains open Lali who with her attitude has put a new dilemma in the parties on the left. This dilemma is about whether it is ethical and honest political to prevent a political leader from entering parliament while the seat belongs to his party only because you do not approve politically. Georgetta Lali became known in recent days as she appears not to want to facilitate SYRIZA president Stefanos Kasselakis at his entrance to the House as she holds the eighth place on the ballot of domination and Stefanos Kasselakis at ninth. On the contrary, Georgetta Lali responded to the president of SYRIZA that she will not resign while leaving SYRIZA since last November. The fact that Georgetta Lali appears to be writing with the New Left has angered Koumoundurus as behind this move sees expediency which even seeks to leave the main opposition leader out of parliament for the next three years. Georgetta Lali did not hide her preference in the face of Efi Achtioglu at any time, while alongside posts on social media, she claimed the new president of SYRIZA Stefano Kasselakis. It is typical that, among other things, he had said that the nomination of the president of Syriza was “a void of political content” while on the day of the election of Stefanos Kasselakis he spoke of “a sad day”. Also known as Georgetta Lali had left since last November, the day before the exit of Umbrella from Syriza even asking to be deleted from Syriza’s archives. In SYRIZA they consider that Georgetta Lali wishes to “sell service” to the New Left and will also have all the rights of an MP. They even see vindication, which they believe the new political body will be charged with because it is unacceptable for selfish reasons to have a very important seat by Syriza. New Left spokesman Costas Karposolos, however, responded to about the case said that he “does not comment on Syriza’s internal parties as he has not done so until today”. Executives of the new party body however said that since there is officially no such issue on the part of Stefanos Kasselakis apparently and cannot be placed. They even added that there has been a whole issue for Georgette. Lali while still none of the candidates leading the ballot have a statement what it is going to do. But the same people say that for Syriza to insist on the subject of Georgette Lali apparently Stefanos Kasselakis believes he is close to pursuing his goal. They do not even hide that they understand in part the main opposition leader’s desire to enter the House despite which they criticize what he says and does. For the record, let us remember that the issue was opened by Otto Iliopoulos when he let it be understood that he can resign as a Member of Parliament thereby opening the way for Stefanos Kasselakis to enter the Parliament. Obviously to this day there will have been many processes with the territory ballot candidates, although nothing has become known. But everyone thinks that if they have not yet been asked, next time they will be asked to reply relatively formally about what Poppy Tsapanidou, Michael Kalogerou, Jenny Levadarou and Athanasios Tsakris will do. Georgetta Lali – who is eighth on the ballot – a post before Stefanos Kasselakis invoked for her refusal the former president of SYRIZA saying that “she wants to honor Alexis Tsipras”, who placed her on the ballot while as he is known it belongs to SYRIZA and has nothing to do with the New Left. She also acknowledges that if her turn arrives four more candidates will have previously resigned in order for Stefanos Kasselakis to enter Parliament thus recognizing that the seat belongs to Syriza and his leadership.