They told her she would make a gift but they stole the… syntax

A victim of fraud fell to a still old in Heraklion by unscrupulous individuals who were put to the… eye the retirement of…
The two Village – 38, and 37-year-old – came and on the pretext that they present fruit and vegetable products-has managed to “open” the… home.
It all started yesterday morning when the house of 87χρονης arrived the 38-year-old with the 37-year-old. The perpetrators told the old lady that they gave her fruit and vegetable products, and persuaded her to open the house. By the time the 37χχρονος of showing the products, the 38-year-old went into the house and took the 300 euros and then they both left in an unknown direction.
The 87 years she just realized exactly what had happened called the police, who rushed to the spot and immediately launched an investigation.
Some time later, the police identified the perpetrators and arrested them.