They found new debris from the missing Boeing of Malaysia Airlines [photos]

    Two other parts from the wreckage of the aircraft, which washed up in South Africa and Mauritius, it was confirmed that…
    they belong to the “almost sure” in the flight MH370 of Malaysia Airlines that mysteriously disappeared in 2014, today announced the Australian Office of Transport Security (ATSB).
    In the most recent update of their report for the debris, the researchers report that the two sections, which were found on 22 and 30 March this year, is the most recent findings and is believed to belong to the flight ΜΗ370 that disappeared on 8 March 2014.
    This announcement follows confirmation last month that two other pieces of debris (which was called the Section Number.1, and Section Number.2) belong in this flight, after the wreckage that had washed up on the Reunion last year.
    One of the most recent debris found, which was named Part Number.3, comes from cover aircraft engine Rolls-Royce, same with those used by Malaysia Airlines to the airplanes of the Boeing 777, as was that disappeared.
    The researchers say that the logo of Rolls-Royce in this section, debris that was found in South Africa is compatible with that used by the Malaysia Airlines.
    If and can confirm that this piece comes from a Boeing 777, and “almost certainly” from the flight MH370, the researchers could not determine if it comes from the left or the right machine.
    The Section Number.4, which was found on the island of Rodrigues of Mauritius, is a decorative laminate of the internal lining of the main cabin and it was determined that comes from the front right door of the aircraft of Malaysia Airlines.
    In the latest update of the report on the debris, the ATSB notes that these two parts belong to the plane which disappeared with 239 passengers and crew while carrying out the flight Kuala Lumpur-Beijing.