They divorced Marilita Lambropoulou and Giannis Dalianis

As a “bomb” the news fell into the premises of the Greek showbiz that they have decided to separate. The divorce of the two actors reveals a report by the Real Life newspaper. According to Marilita Lambropoulou and Giannis Dalianis, they decided after 18 years of joint march to end their marriage, always having their two children as the absolute priority. The crisis in the relationship of the two accomplished actors recently was not overcome, so they made the decision to take separate paths. As reported in the same report, Marilita Lambropoulou and Giannis Dalianis continue to live under the same roof, while they also collaborate theatrically in the performance, “The Chenchi” at the Piraeus Theatre, which premiered on Saturday (09.03.2024). “I am currently preparing for my premiere,” Marilita Lambropoulou said when TLIFE contacted her, while in question about her marriage to Giannis Dalianis and their divorce report, she said: “I have nothing to comment on”. Marilita Lambropoulou and Giannis Dalianis met and became a couple in 2007 during the filming of the series, “Traces”. Two years later the couple married and had two daughters. In fact their 12-year-old daughter, Ellie, participated in the successful ERT series, “Love Illegal”.

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