They did 20 thefts in a country supermarket in a few months.

You’ve been analyzed and a case has already been filed. The duo had found the ideal recipe… In all cases they went to a supermarket and played it as customers. When they found the right opportunity, they stole products and took the way out without passing through the cashier. The thefts were solved by the officers who analyzed a number of images that recorded security cameras. The perpetrators’ duo had even hit inside large chain stores. For over three months, as evidence suggests, they achieved their goals, without being identified. A trial against an alien man from the Department of Security Edessa, as it emerged from the investigation, during the period from 7 October 2023 to 19 January 2024, acting together with his accomplice, committed 20 thefts in supermarkets, in areas of Macedonia, Thessaly and Thrace, where they used to pretend to be customers. According to, the perpetrators removed a total of 100 bottles of alcoholic beverages and various other products, the value of which exceeds the sum of EUR 4,300, according to statements made by the sufferers. At the expense of the foreigner and his unknown accomplice so far, the details of which are being investigated were drawn up a case for continued theft, transmitted to the prosecutorial services of the cities where they acted.