They buried her with her phone but… you can’t imagine what happened after 5 years

    The moment was shocking. The girl couldn’t believe what she saw…
    When the cell phone rang and he realized that he had a message, went to read it and she was speechless.
    The message was from her grandmother, who died from bowel cancer in 2011!
    The 59χρονη Lessie Emerson passed away before almost three years, but her relatives decided to bury it along with the cell phone. The reason? They wanted to send messages of love, to feel that is still close to them. they couldn’t manage otherwise the loss of.
    Until one day their grandma replied. The 22-year-old granddaughter of Emerson, Sherry, sent you a message on the phone of her grandmother telling her how much she misses him and shocked he received the following answer: “take care of you, you’ll get over it and you’ll be fine.”
    If you and the girl couldn’t understand what was going on, the message was addressed to both itself and to Graham Emerson, uncle of the. “I felt ill when I read it. I was shocked and didn’t know what to do,” said the 22-year-old Lessie Emerson.
    Terrified as she was, she sent a message again to the same number asking who is to receive a new message that said “a disturbing vegetarian”.
    The young woman immediately contacted her family, and the son of the late John Emerson took the decision to call the number he knew that it was his mother’s.
    Eventually the misunderstanding is resolved, since if the relatives of Lesley Emerson had requested to be deleted the number and it can’t be given to another person, the wrong he had done the mobile phone company that had done just that. she had allowed the number to another user with the result of this incredible mix-up.
    The new user of mobile, was updated what is happening and has apologised to the family for the inconvenience caused inadvertently.