They argued, took the gun and started chasing them downtown in Athens – Video document

Incredible scenes unfolded a few days ago in her area when two groups of foreigners were involved and one of them in a furious state was on the street with one in hand. As shown in the 30-second exclusive video that secured the and comes from a local resident and eyewitness, a man with a striped shirt appears on the street and on his right hand holds a gun. As everything seems to be moving towards the side where there was the company he fought with a while ago. Next to him is an acquaintance who tries to restrain him, while seven other people rush to surround him in order to avoid the worst. Eventually the alien man is convinced by his friendly faces and leaves the point without further follow-up to the episode. According to it all started when two teams of foreigners argued after the end of a football game. Between them and the man with the gun who by his move caused disturbance and panic on the street near Victoria Square.

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