Thessaloniki: “We were attacked by hundreds, hit in the head,” says one victim of the homophobic attack

A disgrace has caused the attack of hundreds of people on two non binary people in Saturday night (09.03.2024). The two non binary people, as they identify themselves, have had difficult times in Aristotle Square in Thessaloniki, as shown in the videos, as the mob hunts them with fury and hatred. As reported by the victims (21 years old and 21 years old), a group of people attacked them verbally and threw bottles at them, with them finding “a refuge” in an adjacent restaurant to protect themselves. The perpetrators continued to ramble them even when police forces arrived, with the assistance of whom the victims of the attack were taken to the police station where they were called. One of the two non binary people who received the attack spoke to described the difficult moments that passed. “I am from Athens and I went with my friend for a walk in Thessaloniki. Yesterday was the second day in town and the night we went down to Aristotle and got ice cream. Out of nowhere, many crowds began to approach us, whistle, swear. There were hundreds of them. Others say there were 200 people, 300 others. I was personally spitted out, one pulled me off the jacket, pushed us, threw us bottles.” As he typically said he was hit on the head and found shelter in a restaurant. “A girl came before me to help us, but they pushed her too. I told my friend, let’s get out of here. We entered a restaurant located in the square to save ourselves. There the shop staff helped us very much. They came threateningly to the store and fought with the staff. Then came the police. It was shocking. These were all different groups who wanted to mock us. There have been imports, but everyone has to be found. We spent the night giving testimony to the police station while we went to the hospital for tests. Fortunately we’re fine.” In post on tik tok describe all that they experienced on Saturday night. Police officers went on a total of 25 admissions of individuals and after their examination 21 were arrested, between them 11 minors and 10 adults, while against them a case was formed.