Thessaloniki: Thriller with the disappearance of 47-year-old street musician – His dog was found dead

Agony for the fate of the 47-year-old Aristotle Square in as he has been missing for five months and there is no evidence showing what has happened. The 47-year-old musician took his bouzouki daily and went down to Aristotle Square in Thessaloniki. In a chair he sat and played his favorite songs. People knew him, recognized him and stopped listening to the purpose he was playing. “We saw him daily, he left here and his bouzouki many times and suddenly disappeared. Now what has happened,” he adds. “He took his bouzoukaki, took his dog and went down to Aristotle,” said a neighbor in Thessaloniki The 47-year-old played music daily for many years in Aristotle Square. Everyone talks about a quiet man who never gave rights. Five months missing The well-known “repete of Thessaloniki” has been missing in the last five months. Nobody knows about any problems or differences. He never said he wanted to leave. “He was a very good boy. Very good, quiet. Every day with his dog, he loved him. Everyone was asking where Pericles was nobody knew.” The agony began to grow when the 47-year-old’s dog was found dead. Those who know him say he wasn’t going anywhere without his favorite pet. “They opened and saw the dog killed and blood everywhere,” said his neighbor. The questions a lot. The 47-year-old’s friends are worried about what really happened. They say he would never leave his favorite dog behind. “I do some crazy scripts. That someone came into the house, killed the dog and Pericles and told me from the police ‘no the dog died of starvation’. I don’t believe Pericles left the dog and left, no.” She was looking to move. She was looking for a place to move lately, which she didn’t, because they wouldn’t take the dog into the apartment. “He loved the dog so much that he found another house and they wouldn’t leave him with the dog and he says better I’ll stay out with the dog than without the dog. He was a quiet man, didn’t bother anyone. Always with the dog. And that’s what struck me that someone with a pet would never leave it. He wouldn’t go anywhere without the dog. He was everywhere with the dog. Even here when he came to get a haircut, he came with the dog.” Volunteers, rescue workers have been looking for Pericles for five months. He hasn’t given them any sign of life, something they’re particularly concerned about. “The investigations continue naturally when there is a missing person, no matter how long it passes, for us the case is not closed. The earth cannot open to swallow a man,” said President OFKATH, Christos Rammos. “He was happy, he was going through the financial problems he had,” said one of his friends. As time goes by, the disappearance case develops into a thriller, with the authorities examining all possibilities.