Thessaloniki: Three Women Arrested Who Tried To Steal Jewellery 5,000 Euros From 88 Years old · Global Voices

She was lucky for an 88-year-old in whom she perceived the three women who tried to steal thousands of euros of jewelry from her and were finally arrested. Three women attempted to steal jewelry worth thousands of euros from a residence in Kalamaria Thessaloniki, where she lived an 88 year old. The old woman understood what they tried to do and immediately denounced them, resulting in arrest. As announced by the Greek Police, the three perpetrators, aged 29, 31 and 35, entered yesterday (15.03. 24) at noon in the woman’s apartment under the pretext of providing medical assistance and removing jewelry worth 5,000 euros. After informing the Centre of Direct Action by the 88 – year – old, the authorities proceeded to arrest women and the jewels returned to their legal owner. As part of daily patrols and police investigations carried out by the General Police Directorate of Thessaloniki, police officers of the Security and Direct Action Directorates of Thessaloniki, proceeded during the last 24 hours to self arrests not only of the three women, but also of equal numbers for cases of theft and attempted theft. The arrestees, with the documents formed against them, by the relevant police departments of Toumba – Triandria, White Tower and Kalamaria, will be taken to the Prosecutor, while “the patrols and controls will continue at an unabated pace”, according to the announcement.