Thessaloniki: Stefanos Kasselakis and Stelios Angeloudis met in the wake of the incidents

He and he first met in Thessaloniki and sent messages after the weekend episodes… The word co-captain used by Stefanos Kasselakis for Thessaloniki caused the reaction of the mayor of the city. Stelios Angeloudis said this designation has been rejected by the Thessalonians. Otherwise at their first meeting, held in the wake of the incidents, the two sent them a series of anti-violence messages. The face of Thessaloniki is brighter, more colorful, progressive and not what we saw on Saturday, with the attack on the two transgenders in Aristotle Square, and last night’s events on the fringe of the rally against homophobia, the president of Syriza stressed- Progressive Alliance, Stefanos Kasselakis, and the mayor of the city, Stelios Angeloudis, at their first meeting. Both condemned the attack on transgenders, slogans against politicians who called people with their faces covered at the entrance of Stephen Kasselakis to cinema “Olympion” as well as the injury of a police officer by the same people a few minutes later. Mr. Kasselakis said his associates informed him of the health of the police officer and wished he was well. “This is not Thessaloniki. The person of Thessaloniki is brighter, more colorful and truly democratic,” the mayor said in the dialogue before journalists and continued:” We have a lot of work to do because it is not only the incidents that have the self-evident police investigation but also the causes that lead particularly young people to self-interest, to commit and even indecently to central parts of the city. And I think we all have to see it.” “In fact, I think, the whole world should know that Thessaloniki is not what happened here on Saturday or last night,” stressed Mr. Kasselakis and added: “Thessaloniki has a role in the progressive development of Europe, not just Greece. The world must understand that every Greek, every Greek, must have the right to claim its happiness, its happiness and not at the expense of the happiness of the other. It’s not about what you do in your bedroom. It is a matter of how you are born and happy in your country, your city without having to go to Athens or abroad so that you can live your life. This concerns all Greeks, all Greek women. Thessaloniki should not be co-captain only in the name should the co-captain be practical. We must have decentralisation. Thessaloniki has a great role to play. And we need to find general ways for Thessaloniki not only to emerge abroad, but to become greener, more friendly and of course more interconnected with the rest of Macedonia to have growth around this pole.” The president of SYRIZA-PS states that his party is at the mayor’s disposal to contribute with ideas to highlight the issues. Angeloudis noted that the term co-captain has long been rejected by the Thessalonians. “We prefer Thessaloniki a colorful dynamic dynamic look. We are interested in Thessaloniki standing on its feet to be what must be, what reflects its historical footprint, a dynamic timeless city, which claims its future not competitive with Athens but autonomously,” the mayor stressed.

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