Thessaloniki: She was blackmailing 17 years old with her naked photograph to send him more

The unfortunate girl started you in 2022 when the victim sent the alleged perpetrator a naked photo of her… She considered him her friend and made a mistake that put her on adventures. The blackmail of the 17-year-old woman in Thessaloniki lasted months, at the same time finding the power to address the police. From that point, the ball of the case began to unfold and more than at the expense of the 20-year-old identified, a case-file was formed. A new shocking case of vengeful pornography comes to light from Thessaloniki. It all happened in 2022, when a 20-year-old online chatted with a 17-year-old girl. The minor sent him some time a naked photograph and then made her life “hell”. He threatened her that if she didn’t send out new photos, she would publish the one she sent him online. Police officers of the Kalamaria Security Department, with the assistance of the Department of Electronic Crime DEA of Northern Greece identified the 20-year-old and formed a case against him for illegal violence, combined with vindictive pornography, Child Pornography and Personal Data Legislation.

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