Thessaloniki: Rape 21 year old in apartment – What was found after the complaint

The young girl’s motivated the cops who are now trying to track down the shooter… The rape of the 21-year-old woman in Thessaloniki was denounced by her own police, as soon as her torture was completed. The unfortunate girl went to a 29-year-old apartment, who had volunteered to accommodate her. But he, as the woman argued, imprisoned her in it and sexually abused her. On the case, the police issued an announcement. Moments of horror reportedly passed a 21-year-old Afghan in the hands of a 29-year-old national, in an apartment in the center of Thessaloniki. According to the police announcement, the 21 – year – old ended up at the home of the 29 – year – old who would accommodate her, following communication from the woman with her fellows. But he kept her illegally in his apartment and raped her, according to ELAS. The girl’s complaint motivated the authorities, with the case now taking the path of justice. The police announcement states: “After a methodical intensive investigation of police officers of the White Tower Department was formed a case-file against a 29-year-old foreigner, about the offences of rape and abduction. As emerged from the police investigation, 21-year-old foreigner after communication with her fellow citizens, in June 2022, went to an apartment in the center of the city that the 29-year-old lived in, in order to accommodate her, but he illegally detained her while carrying out sexual acts with physical and verbal violence.”