Thessaloniki: Over 10 tons of garbage in Tsiknofifth only in King Heraklion

The Chiknofifth party was a three-way party in the house, but the ones left behind for another year’s… Ten tons of waste gathered the cleaning workshops of the municipality of Thessaloniki, only from King Heraklion, the point that was “filled” by masked residents and visitors to celebrate Tsiknopept. Traditionally, this particular road, in the historical center of the city, with the restaurants is a pole of attraction for thousands of people. Something similar happened this year, with citizens taking advantage of good weather conditions. At the end of the festival, however, the company left behind the… remains of the great sting, valued at about 100 bins of 1,100 liters, all scraped out of garbage. The cleaning service during the evening hours intervened and cleared not only King Heraklion, but also other main roads such as Ermou, Charles Dale, Metropolis where the grills a few hours earlier had taken “fire”. “We were prepared and cleaning supervision was strengthened for the areas where there was a large audience gathering. They coordinated the sweeping and collection services and this resulted, thanks to the workers’ hard work and zeal, in the city being crystal clear a few hours later,” Deputy Mayor of Cleanness of the municipality of Thessaloniki, George Dimarellos told the RES.