Thessaloniki: Online “friend” urged 17-year-old to amputate her genitals

Young man was convicted by the Three-member Defect Court for urging a 17-year-old to challenge with a knife of her genitals, while, under the threat of publishing naked photographs she illegally held, she forced her to self-injure herself with a sharp object, carving the words “Sorry” and “Truth” in her body. The unprecedented case with the exhortation to amputate the minor, employed the Thessaloniki Trimel Criminal Court that imposed a 23-year-old, today, accused, total prison sentence of 2 years. The judges ordered that part of the above sentence be served and specifically for 3 months, while the remainder was suspended. The convicted man did not appear in court or stand by attorney’s attorney. The case was reported in early 2021 by the girl’s mother. The mother had perceived changes in her 17-year-old daughter’s behavior in the past period, while the …drop she made the glass overflow was when the minor addressed to her mother asked for help to put an end to the nightmare she was experiencing, even revealing that she was receiving threats to her life and therefore tried to kill herself. Everything seems to have started in the summer of 2017 when the minor met the man through their mutual friends. A few months later, as he claimed in communication with the girl, the young man went abroad with his parents. Their communication continued by exchanging messages via online application and seems to have evolved into flirting. According to what is described in the file, however, the young man required that she have absolute control over the student’s movements by claiming exclusiveness in her life. She claimed to know where and who she was walking with, while checking her clothing options. By practicing verbal and psychological violence against her, he made her feel not only bad but also guilty when her choices did not match his “want”. The girl seems to have taken this control, oppression, and addressed a psychologist. Again, he claimed that only he can help her and that he feeds rich feelings for her, trapping her mentally and emotionally. It wasn’t a few times that I wanted the girl to cut off with him, but then the perpetrator threatened to personally publish the photographs she had recorded without her knowledge and consent, while to blackmail her she was asking to carve and burn parts of her body. According to APR-APR information, in February 2021 he tried to convince her to put a knife in her genital area and spin it so as to cause mutilation, with the minor refusing. At the same time, she forced her body to be injured with a knife carving on her left foot and left hand the words “Sorry” and “Truth” (in English “truth”). Recruiting the same threats to publish nude photos forced her, and forced him to reveal the passwords to her profiles in the socia media with which she deleted an account. The court found him guilty of “trying to amputate female genitals”, “illegal processing of personal data” and “illegal violence” (the last two acts continued).

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