Thessaloniki Metropolitan Rage for documentary poster with cruciate, half-naked pregnant

His poster of the director, Eleni Psakos, entitled “Small Bodies”, in which a half-naked pregnant woman is depicted, caused his reaction. By letter to the general director of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, where the documentary is shown, the Metropolitan of Thessaloniki Philotheos asks Elise Zalantos not to post the poster, because “it is deeply challenging for the religious sentiment of the Christians of the city”. Among other things in his letter the prelate states: “It tends, unfortunately, to become a habit, in the last few years, on the part of a number of “artists” using the holy persons of the Faith, not to lay down their respect for them and to express their dueness to them, but to “advertise” the creations of art.” If advertising is a pretext for a defamation of artistic graphic approach, they touch – sometimes twice and they pass – the malicious provocation and the abusive intent.”