Thessaloniki: LGBTQI Protest on Transphobic Homophobic Attack – Sovereign Signal ‘We exist’

Protest with the message “We exist” made members of the community of Thessaloniki. They protested against the transphobic attack on two in Aristotle Square. On the occasion of the transphobic – homophobic attack that the two transgender individuals received when they were walking around Aristotle Square, members of the LGBTKE community protested tonight at the point. The protesters sent the message “We exist” (we exist). With banners and signs, LGBTQ community members protested against homophobia, fascism and discrimination. It is recalled that late Saturday night (09.04.2024) group of young people in Aristotle Square verbally attacked two young people, members of the LGBTKY community. The victims, afraid for their safety, took refuge in a restaurant. ELAS went on a total of 21 admissions and arrests for the unacceptable incident.