Thessaloniki: Intensity in “Papageorgiou” for afternoon surgeries – Doctors raided a workshop shouting slogans

Intensity occurred at noon on Tuesday (12.03.24) in hospital “” in Thessaloniki, with doctors protesting about it . It is noted that today they premiere in “Papageorgiou” and “AHEPA” afternoon surgeries, with hospital doctors in Thessaloniki having organized protest performances outside hospitals, and moving on to a three-hour work stop by 3 noon. As Thestoday broadcasts, tension was recorded between doctors and the candidate MEP of the New Republic and president of the Panhellenic Medical Association, Athanasios Hexactyl. It all started when doctors entered the hospital auditorium, where the conference on the Pan-European Awareness Day is under way. Against Violence in Doctors and Healthians, in the presence of Citizen Protection Minister George Florides. The doctors shouted slogans, causing reactions. The spirits calmed down shortly afterwards and the event continued normally.

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