Thessaloniki: Intensity at LGBTKI gathering between anti-authorities and far right

They lit the blood on Aristotle Square during the community protest against the transphobic – homophobic attack of Saturday (09.03.2024). Group of about 30 to 40 people in the far right space, tried to reach the point and moved against the protesters. The protest of the members of LGBTKI Thessaloniki was in progress in Aristotle Square, when the gathered realized the presence of a group of far-rights. With the assistance of individuals in the anti-authoritarian area, they were repelled to the narrow streets of the square. In the protest against the transphobic attack on two transgenders, he dominated the message “We exist”. With banners and signs, LGBTQ community members condemned homophobia, fascism and discrimination. It is recalled that late Saturday night (09.04.2024) group of young people in Aristotle Square verbally attacked two young people, members of the LGBTKY community. The victims, afraid for their safety, took refuge in a restaurant. ELAS went on a total of 21 admissions and arrests for the unacceptable incident.