Thessaloniki: Fire in a Car – Rent Residents Risked

The residents of the apartment building in Eumosmos were longed for as Tuesday morning (12.3.2024) woke up from the explosion noise and found that at the entrance of the apartment building a car had taken. From the fire the car was completely destroyed. The tenants of the apartments, on the first and second floors of apartment building in Thessaloniki were thrown into the street, while watching the flames pass through the pylet, causing damage to a parked vehicle. As the residents said, they heard two explosions. At the point fire trucks were rushed to silence the fire, likely due to arson. According to an eyewitness, the car was found at a different location from where it was parked, while he estimated that some went to steal it and cause a short circuit or set fire to erase their tracks. According to the ERT report, the owner of the car, who said he knew nothing about the incident. At the point is the fire department interrogation and investigates the causes.

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