Thessaloniki: “Find now 20,000 euros” – The fake letter produced by Archimandrite and obtained over 1.35m euros

One more of the fake letters reportedly used by her and the consecrated priest to extract money from believers brings The 68-year-old Archimandrite who “sold” himself as the next Metropolitan of Thessaloniki, the 61-year-old “shaved” priest and four more people, managed, as the indictment says, to set up an unprecedented scam and “express” more than 1.35 million euros. The defendants since 2018, taking advantage of the status of 68-year-old Archimandrite and by fraudulent means, declared his election as a Metropolitan to be certain. At the same time, believers were asked to strengthen money and donations to natural persons and bodies the background process of his election. They even told the victims that the money would be returned to them, while to accomplish their purpose they showed false letters. Missionaries of these letters appeared to be among others the Archdiocese of Athens, the Ministry of Finance, the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the presidency of the Hellenic Republic. In one of the fake letters that appear to have shown their victims or and secured the, there are the blessings of Archbishop Jerome, while bearing the seals of the Archdiocese of Athens and the protosyngel. The letter calls on the 68-year-old “nomination” Metropolitan to find immediately 20,000 euros and be ready for additional amounts of money. “With love and kindness in your face, Athens Jerome…” “Listen, we expect the Greek government to have the red light within the days so that we can invite you all down. The Archbishop of Cyprus must be able to come to Athens with their escort, the Archbishop of Crete with his escort, accompanied by Fanari. We have to arrange for the arrival of the two ambassadors from London and from Cyprus, as well as from Ankara and Istanbul. They want to be all down in Athens to pay tribute to your guarantors, to cheer them up, to give them the money they said, the medals and to be shareholders in your joys,” is stated, among other things, in the letter, while then forgerists point out: “Find these 20,000 euros of the fourth guarantee now and be ready for another maybe two that will be needed to complete the amount. From all cooperation with the Commission and with the Economic Committee with them? And with them, and with them I wish you well in 2021 and your personal fiftieth that was so late, my brother. I want full cooperation with the Commission on how exorbitant it is and it needs exactly what they will tell you, but also with the financial tax. Everything will go your way. With love and cordialness on your face Athens Jerome”.

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