Thessaloniki: Criminal prosecutions on 21 arrested for homophobic attack

The prosecutor prosecuted the 21 arrested for insulting a serial with racist characteristics for her on Saturday night (09/03/2024). In 2 of 21 a criminal prosecution was brought and for attempted simple physical harm with racist characteristics for the homophobic attack against two transgenders on Saturday night (09/03/2024) in Thessaloniki The 9 adult defendants will be tried tomorrow Monday (11/03/2024) in Autohormous One-member Defraud court and until then are detained. The 12 minors were released by oral order of the District Attorney and indicted to trial in the competent juvenile court. The investigation by the authorities on the identification of the other individuals involved in the attack is ongoing, and it is not excluded, depending on the outcome of the investigation, that parents of minors should also be prosecuted for neglect of supervision.

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