Thessaloniki: Began the administration a pass for the Disabled – All the supporting documents

Launched by the Citizens ‘ Service Centres (KEP) of the… Municipality of Thessaloniki the administration of the voucher movement (pass) for Disabled guests.
The citizens can be served from Monday to Friday, during the hours of 08.00 to 20.00 and Saturday from 08.00 until 14.00. The date on which the coupon expires Monday 29th February 2016.
The beneficiaries of the vouchers you will need to assemble and complete the required documents, which are distributed in the JEP and are also posted on the website of the Municipality of Thessaloniki:
The six ads of the Municipality of Thessaloniki are located in the following addresses:
– JEP 1 Municipal Community, Angelaki 4
– JEP 2nd Municipal Community, Monastery 26A (inside the Train Station)
– JEP 3rd Municipal Community, Theophilus 25, Upper Town
– JEP 4th Municipal Community, Δορυλαίου 72, Tuba
– JEP 5 Municipal Community, Botsari 63-65
– JEP Municipal Unit of Triandria, Μουστακλή 1, Triumvirate