Thessaloniki: 21 arrests for assault on two transgenders

Police in the aftermath of a transphobic attack that two people received on Saturday night at Aristotle Square proceeded to 21 arrests. As both transgenders reported (21 years old and both), a group of individuals attacked them verbally and threw bottles at them, with them finding “a refuge” in an adjacent restaurant in Thessaloniki to protect themselves. The perpetrators continued to predominate the two transgender individuals even when police forces arrived at the scene, with the assistance of whom the victims of the attack were taken to the police station where they made an appeal. Police officers went on a total of 25 admissions of individuals and after their examination 21 were arrested, between them 11 minors and 10 adults, while against them a case was formed. “The two children fortunately found shelter inside a restaurant store. Nevertheless, the perpetrators came and knocked on the windows by shouting “let them out to be taken care of.” If we didn’t get them out, the kids would be in the hospital. Maybe we had a dead body. The savagery was unprecedented. They were running into the crowd and thirsting for violence” he described in ThessToday’s eyewitness. The case has been taken over by the Department of Response of Racist Violence of the General Police Directorate of Thessaloniki.