Thessaloniki: 2.5 years in prison in 33 years for attacking KNE members in 2021

Total 28-month prison sentence, with 3-year suspension, imposed a court on 33-year-old for assault on members of her, which took place in October 2021, in Liberty Square, Helioupoli The one-member Thessaloniki Court of Justice condemned him for three cases of dangerous physical harm to members of the CNE, one of which, according to the decision, acted as a natural perpetrator and the other two as an accomplice (provided mental assistance). The attack – as described in the indictment – occurred when members of KNE distributed printed material, calling on an anti-fascist march, following incidents that had preceded them in an EPAL in western Thessaloniki. Depositing in court one of the victims referred to a “fascist attack” by a group of ten black-dressed individuals, some of whom had their characteristics covered. “They moved in tune with raised fists shouting “what you’re doing here.” We lost them. We were cursed and attacked unprovoked,” said the witness who suffered injuries to his ribs by a chain strike and was hospitalized at the hospital “Papanikolau”. The 33-year-old in his apology denied the actions attributed to him. As has become known, he was referred to trial in another court, along with four more persons, for acts related to the particular incident.

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