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(Title) The conclusion which has been forwarded to the ERT by the Secretary of Inspector – Auditor of Public Administration and institutional issues screening company, were the main issues were addressed yesterday’s extraordinary meeting Board of Directors, which was convened following a directive by the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mr. Paul Geroulanou.
In particular, the Governing Council of the ERT, after thorough discussion decided over and above the proposals contained in the outcome of the House inspectors – Auditor of Public Administration to proceed immediately to reform and modernize the institutional framework of the ERT and more specifically:
· to amend and reform of the General Personnel Regulations (for allowance policy, off, check for staff, disciplinary penalties, administrative and other selected strains from the staff of the company after an internal announcement of the job) negotiated an agreement with POSPERT,
· to amend the General Rules of Procurement (procedures, assignments, etc.) and
· on service entity’s internal control.

In addition, on the basis of the proposals contained in the outcome of the Inspector-Auditor of Public Administration, agreed:
· the revision of policy and administration asset management accounts,
· implementation of open procedures and staffing special locations on the basis whenever the required aptitude and ability,
· faithful application of Article 16 of the current General Rules Staff whereby all staff ERT evaluated annually and extending the application of Article and Special Staff Positions.
· removing the possibility of ongoing employment – at a competitive media-journalists who work under contract to ERT indefinite,
· the provisions of Decree 24 on commissions of the State and as regards the procurement of ERT to avoid future segmentation and direct cost awards as it was in collaboration with the ERT About Red Bee and was the production of new corporate logo.

The Board of ERT in yesterday’s extraordinary meeting, decided:
· To accept the resignation of General Manager of Administration and Finance Services and Technical Services, Mr C. and M. Ifanti orange. Duties of the Director General of Administrative and Financial Services will provisionally exercised by the Director of Human Resources Evangelos strip to separate into two separate General Finance and Administration, and duties of the Executive Director of Technical Services will perform the Network Development Director Mr. Nick Mihalitsi to fill the position will be based on internal notice until late August.
· To establish direct two committees, of which the first will investigate the cases of external collaborators, who were on ERT in a subject other than that provided contract, while the second will investigate the cases of false certificates of general manager and manager on the issue of JMD in recruitment outsourcing. These committees will attend the institutions responsible company executives liable for company executives who remained unused for many years, and representatives of POSPERT.
· Instruct the legal department of ERT, the issue of accountability to managers and employees involved in the reported findings of Inspector-Auditor of Public Affairs and Administration to investigate the possibility of an appeal to recover the fees given to technical consultants, who despite the fact that they were recruited for this project, which concluded not fulfilled their obligations.
· To start the process of referral to a disciplinary review of the reported findings of the inspectors – Auditor of Public Service executives of ERT.

finally decided:
A ) public posting of the nominal list of employees and executives of ERT who were paid bonus, and the amounts paid to each one of them.
B) the continued effort to harness the permanent staff of ERT with Given that the Board has completed its work registration requirements and staff has started planning the system and process evaluation. Recalled that the political use of ERT staff has already started to fill the general manager and manager of the staff of the company. Under this policy, the filling of positions will be open to internal procedures (contract position).
With all the above but with a series of measures to follow, the Board of ERT seeks to institutional strengthening of ERT over situations and events such as mentioned in the findings of Inspector-Auditor of Public Administration and operation of the company in a transparent and accountable primarily to the Greek citizen, who finance it.

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