These are the 5 Greek islands proposed by the French Le Figaro for the summer of 2024

The French newspaper makes its own suggestions for next summer. On her list, the Kythira and Kefalonia… Alonissos takes first place in the list of the best destinations for authentic travel experiences, according to the French newspaper Le Figaro. As noted at the beginning of the article, “in Greece each island reveals its treasures through its own pace. Our proposal for this year is to get away from the Cyclades and crowding, discovering something new beyond the trite.” At the top of the list is Alonissos for which the extensive tribute states that it is “a “nao” of diving with a paradise seabed, ancient shipwrecks and an excellent marine ecosystem. The island is equally impressive above water with pine forests, picturesque villages and fairy houses.” The list of Le Figaro complements Chios, Kythira, Kefalonia and Patmos. It is noted that the Municipality’s information effort for promotion was preceded in France. “Our goal is to consolidate in new markets with remarkable dynamics such as French travelers who have been using the new direct flights to Sporades in recent years to enjoy different aspects of Alonissos such as activities, absolute relaxation, local cuisine and tour,” points out the President of the Tourist Committee of the Municipality of Alonissos Konstantinos Hilvas. In the same spirit, recently Alonissos was at the heart of interest from the German newspaper Die Welt calling the island “the ideal place for naturalists” and classifying it at the top of the Greek destinations that will stand out in 2024.