These are the 11 things you “put off” all of the guys! The 5th is the worst of all

There are things that put off men, and that maybe you can’t imagine…
Some of them may think that when you do some of the things you like or are generally attractive, but no. A lot of men to their ruin!
So what are the things that put off men?
1.Huge claws.
The claws can for you to be perfect, but he prefers the more natural sized nails! Plus, there may be accidents. So don’t overdo it with the length of the nail.
2.Excessive perfume.
You may be accustomed to your fragrance and not smell it anymore, or simply your really like and want to have a strong smell on you. But he prefers to have the nose of your natural aroma or a light-hearted feel of your favorite perfume anyway. So do not wash your hair with perfume before you meet him.
3.The need to depend on him.
Another thing to look how you want it, and another to be pasted on top of it and to show him that your life depends on him. Men are fascinated more by the independent women.
4.Playing “dumb”.
Sometimes she likes to think she has the solution for all this! But if you’re not sure about something, don’t play dumb with me! Be yourself!
5.When you talk about your ex.
Right here I don’t think it needs any explanation… Like you don’t like to talk about the former, the same is true for him.
6.To be rude.
With all of the concepts that may exist. To insult him in front of his friends, acquaintances, or even his own self is the worst thing you can do.
It is also one of the things that put off men and don’t need explanation…
8.Playing too difficult.
Everything has a limit. If you really want him and he wants you there is no reason to wait. Put your limits and be within them. It is good to delay, but within reasonable limits. Then I’ll go and I’ll wonder why….
9.Stalling in the date.
Maybe this is one of the most annoying things that you can do. I know that you want to be perfect and flawless look like taking care of the smallest detail, but don’t have a setup to wait for half an hour. If you think that you’ll be late, call him, or start getting ready earlier.
10.Trying to change him.
A man (like you) want you to like him for exactly who he is. If you don’t like from the beginning, just go. Otherwise it will make him feel insecure, and you won’t like it anymore anyway…
11.To make him jealous.
Okay… worst is this. The flirting in front of him with someone else to make him jealous, but I’ll reduce it. How would you feel if he did?