Theagenio: The Association of Doctors of Thessaloniki v Ministry of Health for the patient who was recovering from drunkenness in chairs

The picture of the patient recovering from intoxication after endoscopy, in the hall chairs in Anti-cancer highlights the infrastructure deficiencies. This is supported by the Thessaloniki Association of Hospital Physicians (ENITH). The ENITH expected to perform at the Anti-cancer hospital portal a protest performance on the 8th morning of Friday, March 8, points out that its endoscopic laboratory serves daily a huge number of patients from all over Northern Greece. “The medical staff are very experienced and procedures are performed specialized and innovative. However, the work offered by colleagues every day conflicts with the staff shortages and infrastructure. A fact that has often been pointed out to all those responsible with documents from the director of the department,” notes hospital doctors of the co-captain. ‘There is no space for the installation of tools either’ As they point out today the endoscopic laboratory operates in a small space, next to the waiting room of two clinics, while there is no space and equipment available, not even for the installation of tools, let alone for the recovery of patients. It is noted that according to the International Directives, a recovery room requires the operation of appropriate equipment and additional personnel, nursing and medical while, they must be in direct contact with laboratory physicians for the safe monitoring of patients after surgery and for as long as necessary. “So reports of both hospital administration and the Minister of Health that there were beds available at that time in the hospital, are inaccurate, as these are hospital beds and do not meet the essentials for the safe stay of the patients of the laboratory after the surgery. Let alone that some of them, mentioned in the hospital administration press release are on another floor from the laboratory!”, highlights the Union. At the same time, the reports of the Minister of Health on “political toys”, “the hour”, as stressed “that all the doctors of the NSS and this particular colleague have proved that they gave and give their best to stand up the Public Health System for the benefit of patients”. “The patients are not afflicted by doctors as stated by the Minister of Health, but by the tragic and constantly worsening undersurgency of public health units and the lack of infrastructure with modern standards. It is gallant to blame the employees of the NSO who highlight the problems of the government when government policy is what causes these images of shame! We stand by our colleague’s side. The real ones responsible for the tragic deficiencies in staff and infrastructure leading the lives of patients in danger are the Ministry of Health and the Administrations of the Ministry of Health and Hospitals”, concludes the Association of Hospital Doctors of Thessaloniki. source: