The wreck – next episodes: The time of birth for Peace and Stella is approaching

Great revelations, shocking developments and twists come in the order of MEGA, “. ” What we will see in the next episodes to be aired from Sunday 10 to Tuesday 12 March 2024 at 22:50. Irene is rushed to hospital. Peter goes to see her, risking being perceived by Hippocrates. The Angel meets his uncle and learns the truth about his parents. The wreck: Episode 70 (Sunday 10 March) Peace cannot accept that Peter is engaged, while he tries to find a way to explain to her who this woman is. Fanny tells him she won’t leave without her money and until then she suggests that the two of them have a good time. Will Peter be tempted? Angel meets his uncle and learns the truth about his parents at the same time that Dimitris arrives in Athens to stop Lena from working. How will the Angel feel when he’s invited to meet his girlfriend’s father the killer of his parents? The pregnancy of Peace is in danger. A mysterious midwife makes her appearance at Hippocrates’ house. Pantelidis prepares a double blow against Giorgis: on the one hand he forces him to interview the Kingdom and on the other hand he reveals to Vasilis who is the lover of Assemina. The wreck: Episode 71 (Monday, March 11) Claus is attacking George. Michael is trying to separate them. Dimitra informs Hippocrates of the bleeding of Peace and is rushed to the clinic. The time of birth has come but Peace will be in danger. Fanny spreads suspicions of Peter’s identity in the neighborhood, but which concern more important problems: she learns about the health of Peace and goes to see her in the hospital, risking becoming perceived by Hippocrates. Pantelidis tries to humiliate Giorgis but he has one last weapon in his quiretra and informs him that he knows he raped Alice. The Angel comes face to face with Dimitris, the killer of his parents. Vassilis confesses to Stella about Giorgis’ relationship with Assemina. At that time Stella’s water breaks. The wreck: Episode 72 (Tuesday, March 12) The time of birth for Peace and Stella has come. Irene drives Peter away from her, while a few rooms away Stella prepares to enter for a C-section. Angel’s acquaintance with Dimitris is not going as well as Vasso expected. Angel opens his papers and Dimitris faces his worst nightmare. Fanny in her drunkenness mentions the name “Petros” to Christina, while Giorgis is forced to interview the Kingdom but does not intend to let them humiliate him any more. Peter is concerned about Peace and asks for the help of the Steli. Stella’s life is in danger. They are starring: Giannis Stankoglu, Anastasia Pansis, Gerasimos Skiadaresis, Leonidas Kakouri, George Chrysostomos, Hector Liatsos, Michael Tabakakis, Dimitris Kapouranis, Athena Roditou, Amalia Kavalis, Giorgos Christodoulos, Thanos Lekkas, Nikos Gelia, Costas Xykomenos, Giorgos Souxis, Fotini Demiri, Maria Zorba, Yiolada Balaura, Antigone Fridas, Giorgos Makris, Stella Psaraoudakis, Vangelis, Ioannis Stravodimos, Peris Michailidis, Konstantinos Danikas, Nanis Boukles, Chrysa Vakas Vakastanis, Evi Dovelou, Ellyza, Aggelis Andriopoulos, Konstantinos Gavalas, Vangelis, Vangelis, Vangelis Saradakis, Christos Halvadakis, Papanidis, Papanidis, Papakidis In the role of Lambrini the Yota Festa. SENARY: George Kokouvas Consultant SENARY: Spiliopoulos H.V. – Mary Zafeiropoulou SCENOTHEIA: Giannis Haritidis Director of PHOTOGRAPHY: Nicolas Karanikolas & Thomas VarviaS INDIMATOLOGOS: Katerina Chakota Screenwriter: Antonis Chalkias CREATIVE PRODUCER: Sergios Constantinidis Production ORGANISATION: Theodoris Kondos Production EXECUTION: JK PRODUCTIONS – CARAIAN PRODUCTION: ALTER EGO MASS MEDIA S.A.- MEGA *The book is released from the Minos publications

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