The Witch – next episodes: Lascarates and Gerakars light the fuse that will blow everything up

Stunning developments coming in the series “. ” What we will see in the next episodes to be aired on Monday 11 March and Tuesday 12 March 2024, at 21:00. Andrei is determined to take power in his hands, while Janice fights for his salvation, putting in place a daring plan. At the same time, shocking revelations will “grumble” the two towers and bring Theophano one step closer to the moral perpetrator of the infant’s murder. Monday, March 11, episode 64 Marcos suspects that Janice is hiding in the Gerakaris tower and trying in every way to confirm it. His investigations will turn to Michel. Will he be able to extract the coveted information? Andrei and Baku find refuge in the tower of Dragumano, while Theophano confesses to Frixos her fears of Damian and try to unwrap the ball, which will reveal to them the moral perpetrator of the infant’s murder. In the tower of Gerakaris, the beginning of the end will be written for the two eternal enemies of Mani… Tuesday, March 12, episode 65 The appearance of Tzanis in front of Mark and Michael and his admission that he took refuge in the Gerakars will cause an earthquake in the two towers, but also revelations that will shock the two families. Theophano assures of Damian guilt, the moment Andrei gathers men and starts for the Lascaraean tower in order to claim his position. Marcos gives the Gerakars a deadline to hand over Janis to him and he proposes to Spilios a daring plan to save himself. That same night, he lights the fuse that will blow everything up. Starring: Elli Trigou, Katerina Lechos, George Frenchman, Tasos Nousias, Markella Giannatos, Nikos Psarras, Anastasis Roilos, Markos Papadokonstantakis, Konstantinos Constantopoulos, Stefani Kapetanidis, Vassilis Milios, Aris Ninikas, Giannis Tsoumarakis, Christina Christodoulos, Kalliopi Haska, Parthenopi Bouzouri, Giota Argyropoulou, Nestoras Kopsidas, Yilmas Hosmen, Nikos Dallas, Theodosis Phyatos, Panayiotis Katsolis, Dimitra Kolla, Georgia Kyriazi, Michalis Afolayan k. In the role of Kyprianou, Themis Bazaka. Screenplay: Melina Tsabani- Petros Kalkovalis Directed by: Lefteris Haritos Photography Address: Vassilis Kasvikis Scenetographer: Dimitris Katsikis Dressologist: Triada Papadakis Montaz: Lydia Antonova Production Organization: Thodoris Kontos Production Execution: JK PRODUCTIONS-CARAGIANNIS