The widow chose a special way to say goodbye to the late – look what he did to the ungodly… [video]

    And all of a sudden the crying and the wailing stop…
    The faithful wife, but also his knowledge of the preferences of the deceased husband, made him a funeral in proportion to the preferences of the.
    The deceased had a weakness for women and that’s why the wife of the brought to you by the corresponding company to say goodbye to him from this world!
    The widow explained that her husband was a womanizer, so I’m sure you’ll appreciate this show for the funeral.
    Some of the guests were shocked by the performance, but others forgot the lament and were looking for the best download for photos and video.
    According to the Daily Mail, this type of funerals was a common phenomenon in the ’80s, when the local mafia had taken control of the “industry” of office ceremonies in Taiwan. So, among other services, offered to the families of the departed and one of the clubs which held.
    In addition, in Taiwan it is considered that the more people who go to a funeral, the greater the price for the dead.