The wheel of CERN for the first time in the hands of a woman

The German physicist Rolf-Dieter Hoyer succeeds at CERN, the Italian physicist Fabiola Τζιανότι…
The relevant ceremony for the change of “the torch” was Friday and the official inauguration of the Τζιανότι -the first woman head of CERN – will take place on the 1st of January 2016.
With the beginning of the new year, change will be and the presidency of the council of CERN. New president takes over the Dutch Ζάϊμπραντ de Jong in place of Αγκνιέσκα Ζαλέβσκα.
The council of CERN praised the important contribution of the Titles in the previous seven years, with αποκορύγφωμα the discovery of the particle (higgs) Boson in 2012. The outgoing director-general said sure that “CERN will continue to shine in the future”.